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A cardigan is an open-style jumper/sweater.

Is there anything cosier than a cardie? The must-have item in any wardrobe for both men and women, worn all year round.

Cardi’s are comfy, practical and always fashionable.

Beloved by famous names including Mister Rogers, Alan Watts, Coco Chanel, Steve McQueen, Kurt Cobain, and more recently Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, Harry Styles and Brad Pitt.


At Cardie.com.au, you are buying direct from the designer, manufacturer or distributor.

Cardie Shop presents the latest cardigan designs from Australia’s leading cardigan designers.  Once you make a selection, the purchase is made direct from the designers website.

That’s all we do… present the trendiest cardigans to our loyal cardie devotees..

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There is more to the cardigan than you think..